Hong Ngoc General Hospital

Hong Ngoc General Hospital khỏe mạnh , founded in 2003 by Founder Chairman – Dr Nguyen Ngoc Vinh tư nhân , is the very first Hospital-Hotel model in North Vietnam lừa đảo . The hospital’s goal is to improve people’s health and provide high quality health care to the community bao nhiêu tiền . Our mission is to bring high-class healthcare to Vietnam at the prices that the patients could afford.

Hong Ngoc General Hospital

Before Hong Ngoc Hospital was established phải làm gì , only a small number of individuals who could afford to travel aboard had the privilege for world-standard medical treatments thuốc bắc . The establishment of Hong Ngoc Hospital offers Vietnamese people and expats living in Vietnam an opportunity to enjoy high quality treatment at affordable price.

Until now phải làm sao , Hong Ngoc Hospital has touched the lives of over 100 thousand patients thuốc online , including both Vietnamese and expats living in Hanoi gần đây . The hospital bán ở đâu , which started out as a 30-bed hospital bao nhiêu tiền , is now recognized as the pioneer in private healthcare field in the North of Vietnam with over 300 standard beds mẹo chữa , 200 physicians nên kiêng gì , 350 nurses and 4 branches situated in prime locations of Hanoi có chữa được không . Hong Ngoc Hospital not only is well-known for medical treatment quality but has emerged as an integrated healthcare provider specializing in consultancy hạnh phúc , medical centers có nên mua , beauty clinics da liễu , insurance gần nhất , and more.

Hong Ngoc General Hospital

In a continuing effort to bring high-quality health care to our customers sống khỏe , Hong Ngoc General Hospital has partnered with an array of international hospitals thuốc chữa , medical centers y học cổ truyền , medical universities kê đơn , and pharmacy companies to introduce latest achievments of modern medicine to our customers nhà thuốc . The equipment and facilities have also been invested in and renovated to meet the increasing demand of complex treatment and satisfying services.

For years địa chỉ , Hong Ngoc General Hospital has gained a reputation for excellent nursing care as well as experienced and highly-trained consultants chữa ở đâu tốt nhất , physicians and surgeons có lây không . Hong Ngoc General Hospital commits to be worthy of your trust as “The Place to Trust”.

For further information trung ương , please visit our English website at www.imc.hongngochospital.vn

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